The Basics:

Getting Started

Climbing is fun! Anyone can do it, in fact we encourage everyone to do it!

When you first walk in, you'll notice there are a bunch of holds on the walls, with groups of colors. Near the bottom, you'll notice a V of tape like this

And a matching one near the top. The goal is to start with both your hands on the one taped near the bottom, and end with both your hands on the one taped near the top.

The color of tape determines how hard the route will be. VB and V0 are the easiest, while V17 is the absolute hardest.

What To Wear

Climbing is a workout. While any attire works, we suggest anything from street clothes to gym clothes - try to avoid loose clothing that can get caught on holds easily. Street or climbing shoes must be worn while in the climbing area. Climbing shoes are also available for rent, see the Rentals page for prices.

Prices and Rentals

Prices for memberships and passes can be found on the Rates page, rental prices for both in-house and out-of-house equipment can be found on the Rentals page.


Looking to host a work, party or other social event here? We offer discounts to groups larger than 5. Please contact us if you are planning on having an event here!

Safety and Etiquette

Climbing is an inheritly dangerous sport. Bouldering is considered one of the most dangerous as every fall is a ground fall, which means that it is imperitive to learn how to fall. Be atheletic, always try to climb down and always land on your feet to avoid injury.

Be aware! Do not walk under another climber, and if preparing to fall, ensure there is no one below.

Climbing is a social and fun environment. Everyone from all walks of life is welcome in the community. Be kind, be courtious, and be supportive. Climbing is an individual sport, which means that no matter how your skills compare to others, what is important is how good your skill is compared to yesterday.


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Talk Like a Pirate Climber

Often the climbing lingo can seem like an entirely different language. Here is a guide to understanding the basic terms:

SloperA bulbous hold with little to no inlet for fingers
CrimpA hold meant to be grabbed with the whole hand
PinchA hold meant to be pinched with the fingers
JugA larger hold or a hold with a large inlet for fingers
ChipA small hold usually used for feet
DabUsing or touching a hold that is not part of the route being climbed
CruxThe hardest move of the route
MantleA movement where one hand is pressed on the top of a hold while the body is balanced above it
GastonA movement where both hands are pulling two rocks to maintain contact with the wall
'ScendShort for ascend, often said as encouragment
ATCAir Traffic Controller, aka a belay device
Barn-DoorWhere the body peels off the wall like a swinging door
BetaOne way someone can complete a route
BumpMoving the same hand or foot up a hold helping to reach farther
CampusClimbing a route with only hands
Cheese GraterSliding down the wall and having the holds scrape like a grater
Arm/Knee BarJamming an arm or knee into a crevice to allow the hands to rest
Dyno/StaticMovement types where one either lets go of the wall for a large movement like a jump (dyno/dynamic), or is controlled in the movement (static)
Heel/Toe HookUsing the heel or the toe as a contact point to allow for the most mobility and contact with the wall
ProjectThe current route one is attempting to solve or climb
ProblemBoulder route
Top-OutTo climb to the top of a route then over the ledge

A more comprehensive list can be found on Wikipedia.

Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

We offer paid and volunteer positions, please contact us for opportunities!