I think I'm too old to climb, what should I do?

If you don't trust yourself or don't think you'll physically be able to climb, don't feel bad. You don't need to be able to do pull ups or anything fancy, if you are in decent health, you should be able to climb. Our classes are designed for the individual and will teach you how to modify the excerises to fit you best. We advise bringing a companion along or signing up for one of our classes.

What trips do you offer?

Our trips are to nearby state parks such as Pictured Rocks, Palisades Keplar, Devil's Lake, and Backbone, there we climb, dine and rhyme. We also have trips to clean up parks and the city.

Can I volunteer?

Certainly! Contact us for positions and opportunities such as event guides, routesetting, and event work.

What should I bring?

As a boulderer, you only need your sweet self and comfortable clothes. Climbing shoes and chalk will help your climbing ability, however.

I want to have a team building outing for my company, can I do that?

Absolutely! Contact us with the size of your group and we will work out accomodations for you.

What is a Kilter Board?

A Kilter Board is a training wall that can be set up for anyone from beginners to extreme climbers. Visit our Kilter Board page for more details.

What is Pay-It-Forward?

We strive to see the community benefit for everyone, so by paying for a second pass, we'll hang up a voucher so someone less fortunate can enjoy the climbing services for free.