Palisades Climbing

We're going climbing at Palisades Keplar State Park, come and join us! It's a great exercise and a good way to meet all the other people here!

10:00 AM, for 5 hours


Outdoor Cooking Workshop

What pairs better than exercise and food? In this workshop we'll be learning how to make great food with easy to pack supplies for primitive camping trips.

5:00 AM, for 1 hour


Tommy Caldwell's Birthday

Celebrate one of the most influential climber's birthdays with us, we will have pasteries from Sykora Bakery! Come and join us for climbing and kolaches!

12:00 AM


Pictured Rocks Climbing

Join us for a trip to Pictured Rocks State Park where we'll be doing sport climbing.

8:00 PM, for 12 hours


Kilter Board

We built a kilter board! Come check it out at the fair, farmers markets, and in front of NewBo City Market.

12:00 PM


Finished Website

Check out our new website! It's not perfect, but it's ours.

12:00 PM, for 1 hour


Ropes Workshop

Even though bouldering doesn't use ropes, knowing how to tie knots and use rope is a vital skill to have.

5:00 PM, for 1 hour


Grand Opening

We'll be opening our doors today! Come and join us for climbing!

Climbing is a sport that anyone can do!

3:14 PM, for 2 hours


DIY Climbing Holds

Come make climbing holds with us, and help the environment at the same time! Bring in clean and dry plastic bags and milk jugs (recycling code 2), and turn them into holds you can take home or donate to the gym! The event is free of charge.

4:00 PM, for 2 hours